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Sep 04, 2020
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Lessons learned bootstrapping and selling a $55k p/m SaaS - Arvid Kahl, TheBootstrappedFounder

<p>Arvid Kahl is a software engineer turned entrepreneur. He co-founded and FeedbackPanda, an online teacher productivity SaaS company, with his partner Danielle Simpson. They sold the business for a life-changing amount of money in 2019, two years after founding the business. Arvid writes on <a href=""></a> because bootstrapping is a desirable, value- and wealth-generating way of running a company. In over a decade of working in startup businesses of all sizes, Arvid has learned a thing or two about what works, what doesn't, and how to increase the chances of building a successful business.</p><p>Get the full, 60 minute conversation with Arvid here with the <a href=""><strong>Indie Feast membership</strong></a>.</p><p><strong>What we covered in this episode:</strong></p><ul> <li>The Feedback Panda story</li> <li>Was the ambition to sell the company from the start?<ul><li><a href="">Built to Sell, John Warrillow</a></li></ul> </li> <li>What Indie Hackers can learn from Zero to Sold</li> <li>What happens once you sell a business?</li> <li>Why settle on the format of a book?</li> <li>Why didn't Arvid make his book free?</li> <li>How to find a critical problem in a market that's willing to pay</li> <li>Tips for going into a crowded market</li> <li>How to to find your audience</li> </ul><p><strong>Recommendations</strong></p><ul> <li>Book: <a href=""><strong>The Mom Test</strong></a> </li> <li>Podcast: <a href=""><strong>Indie Hackers</strong></a> </li> <li>Indie Hacker: <a href=""><strong>Sergio Mattei</strong></a> </li> </ul><p><strong>Follow Arvid</strong></p><ul> <li><a href=""><strong>Twitter</strong></a></li> <li><a href=""><strong>The Embedded Entrepreneur</strong></a></li> <li><a href=""><strong>Zero to Sold</strong></a></li> </ul><p><strong>Follow Me</strong></p><ul> <li><a href=""><strong>Twitter</strong></a></li> <li><a href=""><strong>Indie Bites Twitter</strong></a></li> <li><a href=""><strong>Personal Website</strong></a></li> <li><a href=""><strong>Buy A Wallet</strong></a></li> </ul><p><br>Today we have <a href=""></a> supporting the show! Embarque is run by a <a href="">fellow indie hacker</a> and has just crossed 6 figures in revenue. Embarque is an agency that offers productised SEO content that converts.</p><p>It blew my mind when Julian told me about the <a href="">growth their client MentorCruise had</a> from the SEO content, resulting in 107% increase in MRR, 100% increase in monthly trials and a 114% increase SEO traffic. My word, wouldn't you want those kind of results for your indie business.</p><p>Go and check out what Embarque are offering at <a href=""></a> and get $100 off your first package with the code 'INDIEBITES'.</p>
Published Feb 23, 2021