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Feb 17, 2018
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Build Your SaaS – bootstrap in 2021

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What happened after Simon went full time on his SaaS?

<p><b>This week, Justin catches up with Simon Bennett of Snapshooter:</b></p><ul> <li>Every once in a while, we highlight one of our listeners who are building their own SaaS.</li> <li>This week: <a href="">Simon Bennett</a>, comes back to tell us what's happened since he left his full-time job 7 months ago.</li> <li>Looking for automatic backups for Digital Ocean, AWS, WordPress, or Laravel? Check out <a href=""></a>.</li> <li>Simon had just put his kids to bed (he's in the UK) and sat down in his office to have a chat with Justin.</li> </ul><p><b>What should we talk about next?</b></p><ul> <li>Twitter:<strong> </strong><a href="">@buildyoursaas</a>, <a href="">@mijustin</a>, <a href="">@jonbuda</a>, <a href="">@MrSimonBennett</a> </li> <li> <a href="">Leave a comment on PodHunt</a>; it's like Reddit, but for podcasts.</li> <li>Email us: [email protected]</li> </ul><p><b>Thanks to our monthly supporters:</b></p><ul> <li><a href="">Take It EV podcast</a></li> <li>Ethan Gunderson</li> <li>Anton Zorin</li> <li>Bill Condo</li> <li>Chris Willow</li> <li>Mason Hensley</li> <li>Borja Soler <a href=""></a> </li> <li>Ward from <a href=""></a> </li> <li>Travis Fischer</li> <li>Matt Buckley, from <a href=""> </a> </li> <li>Russell Brown</li> <li>Evandro Sasse</li> <li>Noah Prail, <a href=""></a> </li> <li>Robert Simplicio, <a href=""></a> </li> <li>Colin Gray <a href=""></a> </li> <li>Josh Smith, <a href=""></a> </li> <li>Shane Smith, <a href=""></a> </li> <li>Austin Loveless</li> <li>Michael Sitver, <a href=""></a> </li> <li>Paul Jarvis and Jack Ellis, <a href=""> </a> </li> <li>Dan Buda <a href=""></a> </li> <li>Darby Frey</li> <li>Samori Augusto, <a href=""></a> </li> <li>Brad from Canada</li> <li>Mike Walker</li> <li>Adam DuVander</li> <li>Dave Giunta (JOOnta)</li> <li>Kyle Fox <a href=""></a> </li> </ul><p><strong><a rel="payment" title="★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★" href="">★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★</a></strong></p>
Published Dec 15, 2020