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Feb 09, 2017
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Indie Hackers

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#185 – How Courtland Allen Built Indie Hackers, with Ben and David from Acquired

<p>I've been procrastinating sharing my own story on the Indie Hackers podcast for years now. But when Ben and David (the co-hosts of the Acquired podcast) asked if they could interview me, it was impossible to put it off any longer. They're among the best podcast storytellers I know, so before you do anything, search for "Acquired" in your podcast player and subscribe to their excellent show! In this episode, Ben and David walk through my entire startup history, including my early childhood and college years. We talk about the creation of Indie Hackers, how I got it off the ground, and deep dive on the Stripe acquisition. I hope you enjoy it!</p><ul><li>Follow Courtland on Twitter:</li><li>Fmail, Courtland's first startup to check your Gmail in Facebook:</li><li>Syphir, Courtland's second startup, advanced Gmail filters:</li><li>Taskforce, Courtland's YC startup, convert emails into tasks:</li><li>v1 of Indie Hackers, v1 of Indie Hackers on its launch day in August 2016:</li><li>Indie Hackers launch on HN, Hacker News launch post for Indie Hackers:</li><li>Acquired by Stripe, announcement of IH being acquired by Stripe:</li><li>Indie Hackers acquisition on HN, Hacker News post when IH was acquired by Stripe:</li></ul>
Published Dec 17, 2020