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Feb 09, 2017
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#177 – Mastering the Lifestyle-First Approach to Indie Hacking with Daniel Vassallo

<p>When Daniel Vassallo (@dvassallo) quit his job to become an indie hacker, he was making over $500,000 per year. It could have been a disastrous choice. Instead, less than two years later, he's built a suite of products that most founders would envy. In this episode we discuss how Daniel minimizes risk by running multiple projects simultaneously, how he turns time into a friend instead of an enemy by lowering his costs, and how a lifestyle-first business mindset can make you both richer and happier.</p><ul><li>The Good Parts of AWS, Daniel's eBook:</li><li>Everyone Can Build a Twitter Audience, Daniel's video course:</li><li>Userbase, Daniel's platform for building end-to-end encrypted web apps:</li><li>Follow Daniel on Twitter:</li></ul>
Published Oct 20, 2020