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Feb 09, 2017
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#212 – Actionable Steps for Building the Right Business with Arvid Kahl

<p>Today's guest recently sold his company, FeedbackPanda, but instead of disappearing to an island, I've seen him all over Twitter, all over his blog, all over Indie Hackers <em>helping</em> people. In this episode, I talk to Arvid Kahl (@arvidkahl)  about how involuntary reciprocity built his audience and how Indie Hackers can do the same. We'll dig into his new book, <em>The Embedded Entrepreneur, </em>to break down how he co-developed and grew his businesses through audience engagement. </p><ul> <li>Check out The Bootstrapped Founder:</li> <li>Follow Arvid on Twitter:</li> <li>Arvid's new book:</li> </ul>
Published Jun 15, 2021